Zahala Residence

Location: Tel Aviv
Total Floor area: 360 sqm
(3 levels)
Program: Single Family House
Role: Interior Design
Completion: 2012

A complete renovation including a structural addition for an existing 350 sqm house. 

The aim of the project was to restore and adapt the existing house to the new clients needs by reorganizing the spaces and expanding the basement into a significant recreational space for the family.

The house is built around a central courtyard with a garden space and a swimming pool and has become the heart of the house. The public spaces: living, dining, and kitchen are facing the courtyard and creating a quiet and private place away from the street.

The ground floor is designed to be used for entertaining and display the client’s extensive art collection. The first floor contains the bedrooms; each is designed as a separate suite with its own private bathroom.

A large stairwell divides the master bedroom from the kids’ bedrooms and provides privacy to both.

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