Hazayit Residence

Location: Ramat Hasharon
Total Floor area: 370 sqm
Lot Area: 800 sqm
Program: Single Family House
Role: Architecture & Interior Design
Completion: 2009
Collaboration: Haki Zamir Arch

A private residence with a total area of 400 sqm for a family of six.
The house is made entirely of natural materials without any coatings.

The family’s lifestyle and their daily habits is very dominant in the design and space allocation – behind a large glass openings that connect the outside with the inside, is the public area including the kitchen, living room and study room. The parents bedroom suit is adjacent the public area on the ground floor, while the children’s bedrooms and their living area are located on the upper floor.

Meeting the family’s personal needs is very evident considering the eldest daughter has her own private suit in the basement. The raw material modern style does not impinge the sense of family, precisely because of the clear separation between public and private, and non-imposing plan.

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