Modeliani Residence

Location: Tel Aviv
Total Floor area: 160 sqm
Program:Single Family Apartment
Role: Interior Architecture & Design
Completion: 2011

The project has been set to create a temporary residence for a family of five until their house is built (about 3 years). Despite being a transitional space, it was designed as a high-end penthouse corresponding to the family’s high standard of living.

The main floor was planned as an open space since the family love to cook and to host dinner parties for friends and family at home, and thus it was important to create a sense of space in the kitchen, living and dining areas. The children’s bedrooms are on the other half of this floor.

A lightweight steel staircase connects the two floors and is visually airy and light in the open living space. The roof level is divided into three: A master bedroom suit with private bathroom, a family room and an open-air roof overlooking the sea.

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